Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phone use has exploded.  Cell phone etiquette, on the other hand, is on the demise.  There’s a flurry of public service announcements about texting and driving and using social media while driving. Those messages are about the reality... Read more →

Managing Popularity

Getting lots of buzz for your new products is wonderful news for any business owner. There’s a huge rush when a product you’ve spend innumerable hours on is finally a commercial success, with consumers coming into your online inventory... Read more →

What is Verizon Triple Plays?

Verizon Wireless now offers FiOS by Verizon in select areas. This package allows you to bundle your TV, Internet, and Phone line for one incredible monthly price. By plugging into Verizon’s resources, you get to enjoy a 100 percent fiber optic... Read more →

Food Ordering Made Easy

There have been a lot of changes from the time the Internet was introduced in our lives. You can purchase just about anything online- be it toys, clothes, books or electronic devices. The revolution in internet even allows online food order.... Read more →
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