Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phone use has exploded.  Cell phone etiquette, on the other hand, is on the demise.  There’s a flurry of public service announcements about texting and driving and using social media while driving. Those messages are about the reality of the dangers of being distracted by your cell phone while driving. Follow these recommendations from the cell phone etiquette experts to ensure you’re giving adequate respect to those around you in your cell phone usage.

You’ve taken advantage of the deals offered by Groupon coupons and purchased a stylish outfit from Buckle.com for an evening out with friends. If your decision to actually spend time with your friends involves going out and seeing one another face to face, there is no room for your cell phone. If you need to text with other friends or check your social media websites, stay home. There is nothing ruder than sitting face to face with a group of friends only so they can stare at your forehead while you’re checking your phone. Be in the moment. There is nothing urgent on social media websites. It’s time to break the addictive habit of checking your phone every minute. There’s no room at a table for a cell phone. Go back and review the guidelines for place settings at a table. Water glasses, bread plates and dinner plates all have designated spaces – cell phones do not.

When you are out and about by yourself, there are also several cell phone rules of etiquette to follow. Never, ever use your cell phone when you are checking out with a cashier or sales clerk. You’re sending a clear message of disrespect. Be in the moment. If you are in a crowded area and receive a private phone call, find a more appropriate time or place to discuss personal issues. Rest assured, those around you are not interested in your personal affairs. If you take a call that is not personal in nature, step aside and lower your voice. This is out of respect for those within ear shot. Generations lived without constant contact to peers or family. It’s a huge convenience to be so close in touch with family, but there’s a right time and place for cell phone usage.

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