Improve Home Technology with Wifi Signal Booster


Just as the days of having only one television in the house are long gone, so too are the days when one computer was sufficient. Today we not only have computers in just about every room, but they are imbedded in many of our devices. That single router that once was a great gateway for your desktop computer and maybe a laptop, has become home central for more and more of your life.

But there is a limit to how much one little router can do. If like so many other households you are finding that your wifi signal fades at just the wrong time or in predictable places around your home, you may be in the market for a wifi signal booster to aid your router’s signal. But just as not all routers are the same, neither are all boosters. In fact, there are several ways that you can boost that signal.

Is Bigger Always Better

While in some cases you might be thinking it would be a good idea to simply get a router with larger capabilities, it won’t necessarily solve the problem. We have grown so used to having wifi in our lives that sometimes we forget that it has its limitations. Because wifi signals are actually a radio wave, they cannot travel in any way but a straight line.

This means that they cannot turn corners or penetrate that little cubby hole you love to retreat into to watch your favorite flicks. So wifi signals have to be helped to travel to these types of locations. That is where a booster, placed strategically, can make a difference and actually work better than simply getting a bigger signal.

Location, location, location

Just as it is with real estate, for wifi routers and boosters, location is key to how successful it can be. To begin with, make sure that your router is centrally located in your home. It is always a good idea to have it located somewhere high, such as a top shelf on a bookcase. This helps the signal reach as far as possible.

Then add in a booster or two in a strategic location to ensure that the wifi signal is reaching every corner of your home. When checking out the various boosters, be sure to include trusted companies such as Zyxel to the list. This European company is known for its green policies and will ensure that the booster you buy was manufactured in the eco-friendliest way.


Test and Re-test

Even if you follow all of these steps, you may find that from time to time your signal is deteriorating in one location. When this happens, be sure to check that you haven’t made changes to that area that may be interfering with the signal. While dropping in a ceiling fan shouldn’t be a problem, that new sofa may be in just the right place to block the booster signal in the basement playroom. When this happens you may simply want to move the booster to a more advantageous place.

Many homeowners have chosen to place the router in the attic of their homes and then add boosters strategically at ceiling height to ensure even coverage. Testing the coverage from time to time will help you to be sure that you don’t miss out on that important sports game or show, or drop a signal when skyping with family and friends. We use our wifi so completely these days, it is easy to forget that it all starts with those little pieces of hardware that gives us the signal that enhances our lives.

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