Managing Popularity


Getting lots of buzz for your new products is wonderful news for any business owner. There’s a huge rush when a product you’ve spend innumerable hours on is finally a commercial success, with consumers coming into your online inventory to get the next ‘big thing’. But what do you do if you’re a little bit too popular? Suddenly your website is at capacity, and you’re getting calls from customers, upset that they aren’t able to access your website. Expanding your server infrastructure is a costly option, and not a cost that most entrepreneurs are capable of expending at the launch of a product.

If you were operating a brick-and-mortar business and you have overflow customers, usually the easiest solution is to start a queue at the front of the store so that an employee can monitor the flow of guests into your store. Luckily, now you have guests ‘line up’ for access to your website, increasing the likelihood that you can retain customers that might otherwise be lost to technical issues, and maintaining the quality of your online shopping experience for customers that are actively viewing the site. More and more websites are using customer queue software to mitigate customer overflow when traffic volume peaks during launches, sales, or holiday periods.

While some products merely redirect customers or tell them to come back later, the queue software by offers a cleanly designed User Interface that provides dynamic feedback to customers as they wait to access the website. They designed their software using ‘the guidelines of the psychology of queueing’, the idea that because they are aware that there is a queue for something, and since they can monitor their position in that queue in real-time, customers will be more willing to wait for longer periods of time in order to access the site. This also translates directly into more sales, since more people will complete their transactions if they are kept up-to-date on their expected wait times and queue position.


It doesn’t just help with the wait, either. You can use these waiting screens for company news and media releases, make customers aware or special promotions or sales that are currently running, additional items that they might be interested in and compliment their primary purchase, or you can use the space as additional marketing and advertising real-estate.  The Queue-it queue page is fully customizable with your logo, messages, the amount of dynamic queue information, toggled notifications, and dynamic text messages that can be sent from employees.

It’s important in a modern and technological world to remain visible and steadfast to customers. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming forgotten by the consumer and their increasingly diminished market attention span. Customer Retention is of utmost importance, and with customer queue software you can ensure that you’re not missing all of the opportunities you need to get your latest product off the ground. So don’t lose valuable time trying to rebuild your infrastructure, simply integrate a queue and watch as your revenue takes off, free from technical issues and increased customer service calls!

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