Mercedes Benz AMG

You may be surprised to learn that Mercedes Benz has it very own performance car. It is hard to think that a standard Mercedes Benz could be out classed by itself. Its luxury and quality in performance with all its vehicles are already impressive as it is. To learn that the AMG Mercedes, is the cutting edge in performance in the entire Mercedes fleet, means that it is held to a truly high regarded level of quality. Providing all of the anything but standard luxury amenities. But, what makes the AMG stand out among the rest of its counter parts.

First off, every one of the AMG engines are built by hand. Being constructed in Affalterbach, Germany. They are only constructed by the most experienced and skilled technicians that Mercedes has. A single technician is responsible for the engine passing rigorous test, making sure that every engine passes their inspection personally. Perfection is the goal, and they get closer and closer to that goal with every test that is passed to it. Though every Mercedes Benz is made for sustainable quality. AMG engines displays a huge level of dedication, through their construction and shows Mercedes true potential.

Now what are some of the models that you can get an AMG engine for? In almost all of their models sports a AMG version. Which you might not expect. Below is a list of what model can receive a AMG engine.

  • Sedans
  • Coupes
  • SUVs & Wagons
  • Convertibles & Roadsters

Now what inspired this engine to be made? Well, it started out in 1967 in a German motors company, that worked on developing racing engines. They later relocated to Affalterbach, where it resides now in 1976. AMG became involved with Mercedes, when they used their vehicles to put their engines into for performance cars. So, in 1993 they were contracted by Mercedes themselves to design performance engines for them. Working together in a partnership up until 2005, when the officially became a part of Mercedes Benz. Providing us with the fine machines we have today.

If you are looking out to take the plunge into buy a AMG Mercedes Benz, be ready for the price tag. Depending on what model you pick, the prices often start in the low one hundred thousand. But, what would you expect from the level of craft put into this vehicle. Though it is a performance engine and handle any climate that one could find on earth and works flawlessly. It also retains the level of luxury that only Mercedes knows how to do.

All you have to do is call or contact a dealership to see what they have in stock. Just be prepared, because once you test drive that engine, you won’t want to get out. And with all the effort and rigorous testing, you can see for yourself how it stands up to its name. In both performance and luxury, compromising neither. Don’t just take my word for I, see for yourself.

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