Planning and Designing your Renovation Project

A number of the more extensive renovation projects require the skills of an architect or designer. If you want to know how to effectively work through the process, read on.

Renovation Project

Carefully Planning a Renovation Project

Unless you are relocating to the place as work is ongoing, you should be dealing with all the mess and inconvenience that can be stressful and considerable. In planning, the steps involved are:

  • Planning the projects based on each room in the house.
  • Considering the future and how your needs and your family’s will change after some time.
  • Collecting information and ideas from websites, books, brochures and magazines.
  • Asking other people for what they think and they have experienced.
  • Working out a budget and deciding what you can and cannot achieve. A few things may need to wait so it is best to plan out over some years.

Planning a Renovation Project

Planning for a Certain Project

After deciding on the first project, think about whether you can live in the home realistically as the work is being finished. In case you plan a major work like adding another story, it makes sense to move out s the work is in progress. Moreover, consider if you really need a designer to work out the project’s scope and prepare plans. Spend time finding dependable tradesmen to carry out the work. For instance, a hand basin and vanity replacement could include a builder, plumber, painter, floor-layer, electrician and plasterer.

Finally, you need to decide on the person to manage the work. Managing a major renovation project is like managing a new home project. Someone has to be in charge to ensure that every trade is ready on site whenever needed. also, the person will be in charged in checking work quality, handling variations consistently and making progress payments. Careful management of the project is important whether you decide to manage the project on your own or allow a builder or designer to do it for you.

Planning for a Certain Project

Should the Designs be Drawn?

Whether you decide to hire a designer to make the design and draw up the plan will rely upon the extent of the work being carried out. Major renovations that include moving walls around, putting in a new kitchen or adding new rooms will benefit from the expertise of an architectural draught person, architectural designer or an architect. These professionals have ideas that can help in maximizing floor space, flow and the aspect of the sun. Also, they can offer advice on special design features and materials.

Should the Designs be Drawn

Finding a Home Designer

For big alterations and renovations, finding an excellent designer must be done carefully. In case you want a kitchen or bathroom renovation, consider using the service of a bathroom and kitchen designer. The professional may provide just a design service; however, others may be willing to offer a service that includes the following:

  • Kitchen/bathroom design service,
  • Strip out of present fittings
  • Plumbing work
  • Installation of new fittings
  • Paper and paint finishing
  • Electrical work.
  • Payment and finance options
  • Complete tile services.

Finding a Home Designer

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