Superior Results of Phentermine

Ever since 1959, Phentermine has been used as the weight loss pill. The chemical has been added to others or made into capsules for weight loss capsules.  Over the years, there have been several top brands that have made the weight loss medicines.  These brands use different compositions of Phentermine so the ultimate products manufactured are not same. All capsules having Phentermine are weight loss pills but since percentile differs the strengths, and side effects vary. All brands are not available in every country. For instance, in the USA there are quite a number of brands not legally available. An individual can substitute the brand by purchasing the same generic version sold legally in the country. Summary of superior results of Phentermine is a high metabolic rate and appetite suppression.

Prescription Mandatory:

Everyone interested in buying Phentermine requires the mandatory prescription. Without a prescription, the pharmacy or online store does not serve or sell the Phentermine drug.  This Phentermine is considered as the Schedule IV drug and it is harmful.  Hence, every individual interested in purchasing Phentermine has to consult the doctor or obesity specialist. He/she checks the body mass index (BMI) that is calculated using the weight, age and height. If the patient is obese,  the doctor prescribes the correct dosage. Generally, the three dosages include 15mg, 30mg, and 40mg capsules. Normally, the doctor always begins with the 15mg capsule. Phentermine chemical is a time release drug that helps to increase metabolism and reduce appetite. There are many precautions to take before deciding on taking the diet pill. Some of the important ones are children under 18 years should not experiment on them and more. Patients should always be under the guidance of physician even while quitting the drug. You can purchase the Phentermine over-the-counter or online. However, it is advisable not to buy from overseas since the quality might be inferior. Moreover, the Phentermine received might be confiscated by customs authorities.

Here are superior results of Phentermine report of people’s weight loss:

  • A lady lost about 50 pounds in six months. She commented that she lost over 10 pounds in one month.
  • A lady was over 80 pounds. She was told she would lose weight quicker than someone who required to lose 20-30 pounds to lose instead.
  • A gentleman after using the product lost around 16 pounds over a two month period.
  • Another lady mentioned that she had taken Phentermine years ago. She returned to the report that the Phentermine works wonders for all. Her intention was to encourage all those who were just beginning with the product.
  • A lady mentioned that she did not lose any weight at the present moment. However, in 2012 she had lost 28 pounds in one month. Also, she lost a total of over 70 pounds in four months.

It has been observed that people weighing more tend to lose their weight faster. People who lose their weight at the rate of two pounds per week weight loss fast. However, is quite normal for people to lose only one pound per week.

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